Marina Bay Boat Rentals 2011

Once again the City of Lake Geneva legally prevailed in its 14 year quest to have Marina Bay Boat Rentals, Inc and Terry Johnson, Pamela Johnson conform to the 100 feet pier-head line for the rental pier they have in Baker Park. On April 14, 2011 Judge Race granted the city a summary judgment against Marina Bay Boat Rentals, Inc et. al.

In 1997 the City notified Marina Bay et. al.  “that the pier placed in Baker Park is in violation of the City of Lake Geneva Zoning Code.”  They were given 30 days to correct the violation and that they would “be subject to the civil forfeiture in the amount of $500.00 plus court costs for each day the zoning violation continues.” They were also informed “the city is obtaining estimates to have the illegal structure removed from Baker Park.” This lawsuit was resolved with a stipulation that “Beginning with the 2003 season the pier length shall be within the 100 foot pierhead line required under existing section 90-142 Lake Geneva Ordinance.”

In 2002 another lawsuit and another stipulation and agreement between Marina Bay and the city with Marina Bay agreeing that “Beginning with the 2008 season ….the pier length shall be reduced to within 100 foot pier head line.”

Judge Race now in 2011 “granted the Defendant City of Lake Geneva’s summary judgment in all respects without costs and dismiss the Plaintiffs motion for summary judgment in all respects.”

The Judge will now take up the matter of assessment of forfeitures against Marina Bay Boat Rentals, Inc.


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