Lake Geneva,Wisconsin

Beware of the Kamikazes Politicians. These are the Politicos who get in office and then vote exactly the opposite of the platform/policies they ran under. They know they will be voted out of office in one or two terms but in the meantime they will do enough favors for their real backers that they don’t care about losing a job that only pays $3000.00/year or being outed as the lying weasels they are. They are people who do not care about anything but their bottom line. They just don’t give a shit about you.

They also think they can come back and run for public office and you will be too stupid to remember what they did or tried to do. How they tried to sell city land for a song, or ‘negotiated’ a long term lease of public land for a small fraction of its real market value.

This is not to say the Kamikaze’s are getting envelopes stuffed with money under the table, but they could. The rewards for double crossing their neighbors and voters often are more suddle. They take the form of no-bid contracts, “consulting” fees, job referrals, or big Kahuna of them all, the chance to go on to higher office at the State Capital. They get a pat on the back from the good old boys for bringing home the bacon for them; just like you give your dog a pat on the head for fetching a stick.

“Here doggy-doggy fetch. Good Boy, Good Boy. Nice Alderman, Nice Mayor.”