Cove of Lake Geneva may have liquor license revoked

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Room taxes have not been paid by the Cove’s Management Company  that were due on Sep. 30th 2008 as of January 12,2009.

The third quarter room tax was due 10/31/2008 from the Cove. “They represent between 17-19% of our receipts in that one quarter for the entire city for the entire year…we still have not received that check.” stated City of Lake Geneva Finance Chairman Gary Dunham . Several phone calls were made to the Cove by Mr Dunham and City of Lake Geneva Business Mr. Dennis Jordan and management never returned any. City Attorney Draper said he contacted the Cove’s Attorney who happens to be David Williams, he has been trying to contact Mr. Sardina and his assistants whose name  he believes is Jandra, and “it is my understanding they are out of town at this time, I heard they are in Spain from what I understand.” The maximum late charge is $5K or 25% of the amount due according to the city attorney. Mr. Draper says they have been late before in 2007 and once they where accessed the late charge and once not.

Mr. Dunham stated he had tried to contact them and “on two separate occasions they told me the manager was there and they put me on hold, and they asked who I was and I told them, then they said that they were incorrect and the manager was not in…and they never returned Mr. Jordan’s phone calls or mine.”  This is not the first time they have been late paying their room taxes. One time in 2007 they were assessed a late fee and other time a late fee was waved stated Mr.Dunham .

Atty. Draper says the City Treasurer has the authority to wave the late fee because she has the authority to collect the taxes.

Our ordnance says one who fails to pay their local taxes can have their liquor license revoked. Alderman Krause makes a motion to have the Chairman of Finance,License, and Regulation Committee Mr. Dunham file a complaint to revoke the license. All members voted yes.