Mayor Chesen  will make another try at turning the losers into winners on 9.23.2009 at another special council meeting at 2:00pm in the afternoon. The agenda is similar as Monday’s aborted meeting except on this agenda the Mayor lists who he wants to “temporary” appoint.

He wants to appoint Larry Magee  who lost to Penny Roehrer in 2008 by 218 votes to 171, and  Sturg Taggart who Arlene Krohn beat in 2007.

These handpicked “Temporary Alderpersons” will then sit in judgement on Alderpersons  Mary Jo Fesenmaier ,Tom Spellman, Penny Roehrer, and Arlene Krohn (his political opponents) that he wants to remove.

Mayor Chesen rescinded the suspensions of Alderman Penny Roehrer and Arleen Krohn at 2:06 pm after Mondays special meeting was supposed to start.They were notified after the 15 min. “meeting” ended.


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