The President of the City of Lake Geneva Police and Fire Commission, Scott Storms, gets a speeding  citation in the Town of Geneva for going 70mph in a 45mph zone, despite showing his “gold badge”. He then almost got a citation for disorderly conduct after calling the officer “an asshole” upon receiving the ticket.

On 10.14.2010 Scott Storms got pulled over after being “tracked on radar going 70 miles per hour in a clearly marked 45 mph zone” by officer Mulhollon of Town of Geneva on hwy 50. Upon contact the officer observed Commissioner Storms ” holding a black wallet which was unfolded. Inside the wallet was a gold badge….the male first looked at Officer Mulhollon and then looked at the badge. Officer Mulhollon told (Commissioner Storms) that he did not care about the badge. “Storms became very upset and began to speak loudly that he did not care about the badge.”

When Storms was informed he was going to be “issued a citation for speeding STORMS became more upset and advised the Officer in a loud sarcastic voice “you’re writing ME a ticket?””

Officer Mulhollon  then called the Lake Geneva Police Department for back up and according to the police report

“After explaining the citation to STORMS Officer Mulhollon informed him he was free to go. As Officer Mulhollon turned around STORMS said in a loud voice “you’re an asshole”. Officer ordered STORMS to stop from leaving and explained to him that he would be receiving a citation for disorderly conduct. STORMS asked in a sarcastic tone why he would be receiving a citation and Officer Mulhollon told him for calling him an asshole in a loud voice. STORMS then stated in the same sarcastic tone that he had not called Officer Mulhollon and asshole. Officer Mulhollon turned to Sergeant Melotik (the backup officer from Lake Geneva) and asked her if she had heard STORMS call him an asshole and Sergeant Melotik advised she did.”

“At that time STORMS began to open the driver’s door of his vehicle and it struck Officer Mulhollon’s left arm. Officer Mulhollon grabbed the door with his left hand and pushed it shut. STORMS advised  in a sarcastic tone that he had been assaulted and then started the truck and began to put it into drive.Officer Hulhollon told STORMS if he drives away he would be arrested and confined in jail. STORMS replied sarcastically, “oh, you’re going to put ME in jail”. Officer Mulhollon informed STORMS he would if he drove away after being ordered to stay there. Officer Mulhollon then ordered STORMS to shut the truck off, which he did. During this time Officer Mulhollon noticed the female passenger in the vehicle to be crying and talking loudly at STORMS, but Officer Mulhollon did not here what she was saying over STORMS voice.”

“Officer Mulhollon then spoke with STORMS about his inappropriate behavior during the stop. STORMS would not listen and continued to speak in a loud voice, about the way his badge was not accepted and the citation he was issued.”

Storms is not in law enforcement but retired after 25 years with the Bergen County Police Department in New Jersey.

Property taxes in New Jersey are the highest in the nation as a percentage of homeowner income, and not surprisingly, the state government has been among the most corrupt.

Scott Storms does have a first amendment right of free speech, to call anyone a asshole he so desires. In a recent lawsuit settled in Clackamas,Ore a techie won $4000 in damages when he was arrested for flipping off a sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop.

Storms has informed  Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Mayor Jim Connors that he will not seek reappointment to the Police and Fire Commission when his term expires in April 2011.

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  1. Typical Bergen County Police Department Officer. They spend their entire careers writing tickets for people, whether they deserve them or not, and then think they’re above the law when they actually deserve a ticket.

  2. Storms visited my home while campaigning. We were not impressed but the eye opener was a comment from our daughter after he left. She once spent the night at his home with his daughter. My daughter told us that he was a complete asshole to her and his family.

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