Lake Geneva, Wisconsin’s popular reality cable TV show over the appointment of Spyro Condos continues to entertain residents when, during the last city council meeting of 2009, another attempt was made to fill the council seat vacated in July by Gary Dunham.

Perhaps the city should consider syndicating the show on a national level, it surely could compete with reality shows like Real Housewives of New Jersey. Lake Geneva’s cable access channel 25 is only available locally and it’s increasing popularity may be reflected in a 47%  increase of cable TV franchise fees collected in 2009.

The real drama to the council meeting didn’t begin until 9:40 pm when Mayor Chesen, who anticipated to the next item on the agenda, gave his interpretation of a court agreement reached between his political opposition and himself.

  1. His charges were withdrawn ” without prejudice”. ( dismissal “without prejudice” allows a new suit to be brought on the same cause of action.)
  2. Spryo Condos would resign with an election for the vacant seat taking place in April 2010.
  3. Lake Geneva’s  insurance company would make good on any back pay for the four alderman he tried to kick out.
  4. There would be no pay for the lawyers involved trying to defend the aldermen he tried to remove.
  5. There would be no action by the city council on any personal matters involving city clerk Dykstra and business administer Jordan in the original statements they made regarding this matter.
  6. The spirit of Mr. Condo’s resignation was violated in his resignation statement where he stated “he was looking forward to being reappointed.”
  7. Mayor Chesen took the resignation of Mr Condos and the election in April at face value.

The Mayor believes the reappointment of Mr. Condos before the April election was planned all along, and threaten “repercussions” if his interpretation of the court agreement is different than his political opposition’s.

Alderman Spellman said the mayor’s statement has “no truth in significant parts….It was inconceivable that you (Mr. Chesen) would represent to the public what went on from that point of view.” He wants the court agreement read into the record.

Alderperson Roehrer made a motion to appoint Stew Mathison to fill the vacate seat till April. It died for the lack of a second.

Marsala doesn’t want the seat filled till April, it is not” worth rekindling this fire and starting this war.”

Krause pointed out ” it is your call, but it seems like political suicide to me.”

Alderperson Krohn made a motion to appoint Spyro Condos with Alderperson Fesenmaier seconding it.

Voting to appoint Condos: Krohn, Fesenmaier, Spellmen
Voting against : Marsala, Krause, and Roehrer (strongly against)
Mayor Chesen voted against.

A very upset Aderperson Roehrer could not understand why her motion to appoint Stew Mathison was not seconded by anyone.
Mayor Chesen speculated “that maybe there was another agreement to do it differently.”

The Mayor pointed out “there are only six meeting till April, that is what we are fighting about.”

Alderman Spellman, who being recalled gave a very passionate speech below.