The Sierra Club legislative scorecard for the 2011-2012 legislative session gave Lake Geneva representatives a big fat zero for environmental protections last session. The Sierra Club John Muir Chapter reports, “The disturbing truth is that the GOP launched an all-out assault on environmental protections last session and we witnessed an unprecedented level of partisan voting with far too many legislators failing entirely and scoring zeroes. The Sierra Club is non-partisan, and we have supported Republican candidates in the past, but recent majorities in both houses and the governorship they have consistently voted against our ( and arguably their own) interest.”

Neal Kedzie dist. 11 Elkhorn Republican  rated a 0% for protecting the environment.

Tim Cullen   dist. 15 Janesville Democrat rated 70% for protecting the environment.

Robert Wirch  dist. 22 Pleasent Prairie Democrat rated 91% for protecting the environment.

Tyler August  dist. 32 Walworth Republican rated a 0% for protecting the environment.

The entire scorecard with descriptions of the legislation used for grading is at


Sierra Club candidate endorsements can be found at


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