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Lake Geneva establishes a dog swimming area in Library/Elm Park after dog owners petition the common council to change the laws which made the common practice illegal.

The summer of 2012 is when the effects of global warming really began to fry the people of Lake Geneva, with record high temperatures and worst drought since 1987, residents and their dogs headed to the lake for much-needed relief from the heat.  Extended hot temperatures are not something all small town cheese heads reacted to with a great deal of grace to put it mildly.  Library Park is the only lake access point for most residents and their boats at the municipal boat docks, and is also where dogs and their owners have swum in violation of several local laws for years unmolested. Now this summer more people than usual started using the facilities at the same time, which led to a few of the colorful local “grumpy old men” to become “alarmed and concerned” with all the congestion. You have to realize in small town Lake Geneva it is not out of the ordinary for a motorist to wait before pulling out till there is not traffic coming for a block in either direction. We like a little space, and cheese gets moldy in hot humid weather fast. Police were called, tickets issued, and within three weeks a special joint meeting of the Piers, Harbors, Park Board, and Lakefront Committee was called.  The dog owners by now had collected 640 signatures, presented by Candice Finnegan, for changing the laws they were violating of not being on a leash and running at large in the park. The ordinances were changed and now dogs are free to swim in their own special area as they have always been doing in Library Park. Some of the more authoritarian type elected officials grumbled how only 127 dogs are licensed with the City out of probably 5000, and tried to shake down any dog owner who got up to speak, to see if their dog was on a list of licensed dogs. Perhaps more elected officials should be like Aldermen like Gary Hougen who said, “The law should serve the people, not the people serve the law.”

Lake Geneva Dog Swimming Area
Lake Geneva Dog Swimming Area


  1. Being a Dog Owner ( or they owned me) for Many yrs..
    1- I do not like to Let my Dog go Swiming in Lakes, Rivers or Ponds..

    2- They get Bugs and Dirty smelling and get Sick ! Ear Infections all the time

    3- Require more Baths – Just like us Huans, Take a Bath/Shower after Swiming..
    Which I’m sure the Local Pet stores supported this latest Action..to sell more Pet Soap ..LOL !
    And August and after rains are The worse times , it’s the dirtiest time for lake water.. Beaches everywhere get closed down for EColi and Too Much Seaweed, etc.. in the still Waters..

    4. Got Ear Plugs? Not just for you Human swimmers but for your Dog?

    Any lake has Live Organisums in them, from bugs to I’m sure Others more informed can tell you all the nasty things in Lake/River water..

    And how about the Polution that is flowing Into The Lake from Nearby Streams?

    and to say Every Dog owner will do these and other things with their Dogs and take good care of them is ? Dreamland..

    Of course, I’m sure Not many want to Be the BAD GUY and be Anti- Dog or Pet..
    And Don’t expect either the Pet Supply sotres, Dog care People that wash and Take care of Dogs /Pets , nor Even Vets speak against having your dog go siwmming in a Lake/River or Pond..
    It’s their Livelyhood they have problems, is it not?

    And just watching the Cable shows of the Dog Whisper talks about it..

    While it’s too late Now, but Be carefull with your Dog after you take them swiming..
    Keep the cool? Keep them inside your Nice Cool Home.. Use a Garden Hose or a Kids Pool for them..
    Keep their hair Thinner and shorter in summer and of course, Pick u after your dog..

    We have the same problem with BIKE riders who come up to our Town and ride down the Middle of the Streets/Roads and are Anti Pedestrians and anti Vehicles ..They can be Right, but they don’t realize, Also be Dead Right..and many end up that way.. and it’s a shame the Vehicle owner gets blamed for hitting them.. and how many Pedestrians Get hit by Bikers? I’ve seen bike riders flying down the street by the boat launch and Almost hitting A Boat Being Back into the Lake to be launched.. I pity the Boat owner if they hit it.. all that Blood all over it ! and tying up others trying to launch or Pull out their boats till they clean up the mess..

    I think we still need the Boat Launch People to have Stop Signs be like Crossing Guards for both Boat Launchers and those Pulling out to stop traffic and For pedrestians trying to cross the Street in that area.. Even New motorcycle Vistitors Don’t know about that area and come flying down the street, Hill and Haven’t got a clue what’s ahead of them…

    Now hate me..Being old and retired, I’m used to it..

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