Legal options run out for Marina Bay and Harbor Cove, pier must come into conformity with municipal 100 foot length.

The city of Lake Geneva prevails in battle with Marina Bay Boat Rentals  to get the business to comply with the law requiring piers to be 100 feet or less on Lake Geneva. The Wisconsin Supreme Court on 12.11.12 affirmed the judgement of the Court of Appeals finding in the City’s favor by refusing to review the case.

The Marina Bay, according to city officials, will now have to reduce their pier to 100 feet. They will have to summit a new pier application with the city and go through normal Planning Commission, City Council, and DNR approval process before installing their pier in 2013. If they install the current non-conforming pier they may be subject to fines of $1000/day.

To further complicate matters their pier is  Baker Park and according to the Baker Park Dedication of 1898 ” that Lake Geneva Sanatorium only reserves the right to itself, its successors or assigns, to build such bath house or boat house of said dimensions, and such pier, on said shore or in said proposed Park, South of a line produced and extended westerly to said Lake and running parallel with and 25 feet distant, North of the present boundary line between the lands of Celinda Walkup on the south and Lake Geneva Sanatorium on the North, except it further reserves the right to build such bath or boat house and pier at any point north of said last mentioned line and south of the Northerly end of said proposed Park as herein described, provided such bath or boat house or such pier shall be so constructed and located  the east side of such bath or boat house and the east end of such pier shall be at least 40 feet distant, west of the West line of the Street herein dedicated: such bath or boat houses to be for the private use of the respective owners who shall have exclusive use and control of the same.” Lake Geneva Sanatorium is now owned by the Harbor Cove Condominum Association and Celinda Walkup’s property is where the Baker House is.

Marina Bay goes to  Supreme Court


Marina Bay loses at Court of Appeals

Marina Bay loses at Walworth County Circuit Court



  1. Well, I can’t understand why This Business was Allowed where it is.. It’s so Close to the Cities Public Pier and Boat Launch and Gets quite Busy on the Wknds and Holidays
    And It looks like they are the Only One’s Renting the Bouys as well?

    And it seems to me, that the City ought to Provide a Shuttle Service to the Boaters that have to walk up to get their Vehicles and Boat Trailers.. It takes about 20 Min. to walk up to get them and return to get our Boat out and Ties Up Things on busy wknds.. Just have the Boat Luanch staff use a Golf Cart to shuttle them Up to get their Vehicles and Trailers..

    it would go alone way for Helping our Boaters and Vistors to our Fair Welcome City..And i bet Provide some extra gratutiies to the staff..
    That do a Wonderfull Job as Embassadors for the City to our Visting Boaters…

    It’s Enteraining to watch the taffic Jam and # of Boaters wanting to Get In and Out , while waiting for others to Walk up to get their Vehicles and Trailers..and then the Rental Boats Zipping around them. and then watch Some Dogs Jumping into the water to swim as well ..

    And then Go watch the Big Foot State Park Beach area, get over Loaded with Both Boats on the Lake front and the Hundreds of People Almost Sitting ON the Street .. That Part of the Street Should be Closed during the Motor Vehicles. Somebody is going to get Hit by a Vehicle..It is utter Caios.. At least have Someone out ther for Traffic Control..

    How about the old Fashion Crossing Guards with Stop Signs?

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