Lake Geneva votes the greedy bastards out of office.

Passion of Democracy
Passion of Democracy

In the spring election 2020, in the mist of a global pandemic, the residents risked life and health to change the course of Lake Geneva history. The current administration and supplicants were removed from office and replaced with a new Mayor and Alderpersons who’s vision of public service was not to rape a pillage the public’s assets for their own and their cronies benefit, but for the benefit of the residents who live in Lake Geneva.

Thomas Hartz was replaced by Charlene Klein as the new Mayor 1000 to 983.

Joan Yunker was elected as the new Alderperson for Dist #1 272 to 237

M.J. Fesenmaier was elected as the new Alderperson for Dist #2 242 to 237

Tim Dunn trounced Bob Kordus in Dist #3 341 to 193

Cynthia “the engineer” Flower was reelected Alderperson Dist #4 193 to 139