Kyle Gulya and Dan Draper

“I think you’re well aware everything we are dealing with is unprecedented.”stated Kyle Gulya of van Briesen & Roper.

Mr. Gulya was brought into this political fight when City Attorney Dan Draper wisely decided to relinquish his seat with regard to suspension and quorum matters in Mayor Chesen’s latest maneuver to get even with his political opponents at the special council meeting on 9.14.2009.

(As a side note, a couple years ago Chesen and  Mayor Shepstone tried to make the City Attorney’s position an appointed one, not an elected one.)

Mayor Chesen claims the taxpayers lost their rights when Spiro Condos was appointed by the four Alderpersons he is bringing up charges against.

At the special council meeting Alderman Spiro Condos states “The mayor himself brought these charges forward, then turned around and entered into his mayoral duties and suspended these people. Then he chose a group of Alderman to be the judges; to me this is the judge, jury, and executioner.”

Mayor Chesen asked attorney Gulya what we should do and he replied that “we are saddled in the center of a political dispute.”

Attorney Gulya recommended it would be a good idea to meet with the council and discuss these issues in closed session so we may render candid legal advice and discuss these issues.

The surviving aldermen agreed and adjourned.