Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Mayor William Chesen, unable to get the funding for a special prosecutor, may remove two alderpersons and appoint two new alderpersons so he can get the votes he needs on the city council.

Mayor Chesen at the city council meeting on 11.09.2009: “I want this over with; I will do everything I can in the next two weeks to bring this to a conclusion. And that may well be appointing two new aldermen.”

“So can’t get the funding for a special prosecutor (with the current city council)……what option do you offer?”

Alderperson Condos: “This is my option, you dismiss the charges and reinstate the alderman, and you knock out the BS and the personal attacks, and going after people because they don’t agree with you. You have gone way to far Mr. Mayor, way to far. And you got yourself in some hot water. Be humble and bring these people back and we can move forward. Sometimes you have to be a little humble.”

Mayor Chesen: “I’ll make you another deal … You agree to only serve out till the election in spring and I will reseat your four friends?”

Alderperson Condo: “Dismiss the charges. And that’s a deal.”

Mayor Chesen: “I’ll take it under advisement.”

Alderperson Condo: “You have been making deals here tonight now it is my turn. Dismiss the charges and I’ll run for office in April.”

Mayor Chesen: “I may take you up on that.”

Alderperson Condo: “That is my offer and I will run in April, and I may run against you Mr. Krause. This is a smoke screen for the development that is hanging in the wings out there. And it is a smoke screen for the actions on that development and that he has disposed of crucial information with his computer. And I think these are the things behind the smoke screen.”

Mayor Chesen: “I’ll dismiss the charges against your friends; I’ll reseat them, if you stand for a special election on December 15th.”

During the vote on whether to hire a special prosecutor, Attorney Gulya representing the city, cautioned the Mayor and council regarding the city ordnance section 2341.

Attorney Gulya: “Before you can occur any obligation, this is in your ordnance section 2341, … it has to be part of any appropriation in the budget. So be careful in regard to occurring any indebtedness to the city…..if the money has not been appropriated.”

Mayor Chesen: “Then how is it you are giving legal advice without that resolution passed”

Attorney Gulya: “Our firm has long represented the city of Lake Geneva.. on an as needed basis, and we were brought in this because City Attorney Draper believed there was a conflict of interest existed. Therefore we are continuing that representation on an as needed basis…. If you would like to go it alone that is your call and as you know we represent the best interests of the municipality and we are trying to do that.”

Aldermen: Krause, Tolar, Magee, Marcella, and Taggert then ignore Attorney Gulya’s advice and pass a motion to retain a special prosecutor without funding.

Kyle Gulya, of van Briesen & Roper has so far charged the city $16K for legal services in this matter.