Once again Architects McCormack & Etten was “selected” to design and direct the Riviera remodeling and restoration. Only two firms gave presentations to the “interview committee” for City. Administer Jordan, Utility Director Winkler, and Aldermen Tolar and Marcella and former Mayor Chesen did the “selecting”.

The original Request for Proposals (RFP) for selection of the architectural firm was made by Utility director Dan Winkler in an undated document, and due no later than February 12, 2010. In that RFP Mr. Winkler does not use the city of Lake Geneva official e-mail address, but instead uses an address at Geneva on Line for “questions” about the bid.

McCormack & Etten’s fee is comprised of hourly charges not-to-exceed 7% of the project amount plus reimbursables. The firm will:

  • Develop project plans and specifications for review by the City.
  • Develop final project plans and specifications for bidding.
  • Coordinate advertising and bidding the project.
  • Attend bid opening, review bids….and give recommendation for the awarding of bids.
  • Modify bid documents and develop final contract for approval.
  • Provide detailed invoices for payment.
  • Perform all other related services.

According to Jordan in a letter to the council “Both firms are very capable and would each do a good job for the city.” But the committee recommended Etten . Ken Etten was the only person to try and defend Bill Chesen’s antics in the fall of 2009, which brought the Lake Geneva Wisconsin’s government to a standstill, and he looked very uncomfortable doing it.

The bidding for this $900K project does not conform to policies and procedures  for RFP’s for the City of Lake Geneva.