On December 14th, 2009 the city council will decide if city taxpayers will continue to lease boat slips and buoys to three corporations at below market rates despite 133 persons on the city waiting list to rent boat slips and buoys.

According to Harbor Master Chuck Gray the city would have no problem renting the slips and buoys, “there is a 5 to 8 year wait for slips.” The demand is just as high for buoys because the city policy of giving persons who currently are renting buoys preference for slips when they become available.

City residents are unhappy with the city subsidizing (also known are corporate welfare) Marina Bay, Lake Geneva Boat Line and Gage Marine. William Trester thought last year would be the last year the city rented to these businesses. He is especially unhappy with Marina Bay renting our buoys out to make money which with to sue us. Marine Bay is suing the city to prevent it from enforcing the 100 ft. pier head ordnance. The market price for boat slips is between $4,000 and $8000/year. Gage Marine is currently paying $1883/year/boat slip.

Marsala believes there are not enough dinghy ramps to accommodate giving residents the buoys, but as the photo below shows, ramps were put next to the pier when Gage Marine rebuilt it in 2008/9.


Kent Martiski the President of Lake Geneva Boat Line (Elmer’s) want the city to give them a three year lease. He stated at council meeting on 11.23.09 that “The city was barely able to fill the available West End pier spaces this year…….and there is now a minimal waiting list, that’s if there is any waiting list, I am not sure at this point.” Spyro Condo wants to give all three corporations a three year lease.

Marina Bay Boat rental would once again get 10 buoys. Gage Marine would get 4 buoys and 10 boat slips to re-lease. Lake Geneva Boat Line, Inc would get 10 buoys and 4 boat slips.