What’s the Hangup?


The Edwards Bypass extension was approved by the voters of Lake Geneva for $2.9M in April of 2007 is being delayed by the property owners in the way of the project. The city will have to use eminent domain proceedings against the two properties unless the Lake Geneva gets 100% of it paid for by the Federal Economic Stimulus Money through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) according to City Administer Dennis Jordan.

“We did do an appraisal already and offered that and they wanted double that (amount),” stated Jordan. “If we get the stimulus money both property owners have said they will just overnight give us the easements. Their hang up is the special assessment, so if they are going to have to pay that they will try to extract as much as they can from us. If they don’t have to pay that they are more than willing to give us the property.”

The city has all the necessary permits to start the project. Mr. Jordan believes we will be able to get construction bids for the project 15% to 30% below the original estimate in 2007 because of the economic death spiral we are in.

The city did get a call from the DOT and they suggested we put in an application for the Wrigley Drive Bridge under the local roads stimulus program. The bridge is one of the projects the TIF wish list for $500K.