Possible site of new parking lot next to Eastview School
Possible site of new parking lot next to Eastview School

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Warren Flitcroft Business Manager for Lake Geneva Schools recommends turning part of Dunn field into a parking lot of greater than 200 parking spaces. The school will lose the baseball field.  Plans were presented to the city council on 4.13.2009. The parking lot will serve both the school and downtown tourist parking.

The City of Lake Geneva will share with the school in the upkeep of the lot through the downtown TIF funding. The city is currently drawing up plans for projects to be paid with downtown TIF money.

Rumor has it the school district will build a new elementary school on land they recently purchased next to the new Middle School.

Dunn Field maybe also be the site of a new three story parking ramp with TIF funding.


  1. This proposal makes me mad.

    Dunn Field may be underutilized, but that is in part because the baseball diamonds are not kept up. I approached the city a couple of years ago and asked if I could start a lake geneva softball league at Dunn Field and they told me that I should use Veteran’s Park instead and that they did not intend to make the baseball diamonds usable for leagues. If it is not used, it is at least in part because the city discourages use.

    The city already lacks parks relative to other towns I have lived in. To take away more park land in effort to be more attractive to tourists just seems backward. Par for the course with our City Council. Just because its free land does not mean it is a good idea.

    What is the status of the the current black-topped area at Central Denison during the summers? Is that lot used? Could it be used? That seems to be a more central location for people wanting downtown parking and it already exists.

    Finally, what is the story of the 3-level parking lot at Dunn? Was that discussed at City Council meeting I missed?

  2. Maybe you should edit the blog subject title Turning Dunn Field into a Parking Lot : Lake Geneva News dot Com to more suited for your blog post you make. I loved the blog post however.

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