August voted for one bill that would require elderly and disabled people who are confined every year, to show a photo ID and fill out paperwork every time they vote absentee. Most elderly who are confined no longer have a valid drivers license to produce.

Republicans is Wisconsin have no fear of being voted out of office due to drawing state legislative district that make it virtually impossible for to Democrats to take control of the state legislature. In 2018 Republicans lost every statewide race, won less than half the statewide vote, but won 63 of 99 seats in the state assembly and a majority of the state senate.

The Brennan Center found that Republican-controlled legislatures in 14 states, led by Wisconsin have passed 22 laws that make voting harder.

This is an unfortunate beginning of a “doom loop of democracy” that is just beginning. Highly gerrymandered Republican state legislatures in key swing states passing legislation that gives them more power to discourage Democratic-leaning groups from voting, throw out legitimate votes and overturn election results — all of it backed up by Republican-dominated courts. As is in Wisconsin. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In November of 2018 state wide referendum passed to closed the loophole which allow large businesses, resorts, and manufacturing property to reduce their property tax accessed value by as much as 80% was passed by 75% of the voters. But Taylor August and the Republicans refuse to close the loophole.

The dark store loophole is supported by the powerful Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce.

Manufacturing businesses in Wisconsin pay little or no income tax thanks to the Republican controlled legislature and courts.

The city of Lake Geneva lost over $7 million in taxable property value in 2018 alone.