The Lake Geneva Dam that controls the amount of water being released to the White River was reduced to a trickle, even before the DNR  has ruled on the Geneva Lake Level Corp. (GLLC) petition to cut off the water.

On 11.30.12 Michelle Hase DNR  Dam Safety Engineering reported that the DNR had yet to decide what to do about the petition by the GLLC to get out of the requirement to keep up water flow to the White River. The below movie taken on 11.5.12 and again on 11.25.12 shows a large reduction in the amount of water being released for the dam.


Lake Geneva News dot Com informed Ms. Hase that the water had been cut off . When we went back on 12.03.12 the water flow had been restored, much to the delight of a happy muskrat.

Lake Geneva Muskrat LOVE
Lake Geneva Muskrat enjoys the water being turned back on Muskrat Love
Lake Geneva Dam
Muskrat Love water flows again out of Lake Geneva to White River

Lake Geneva wants the power to cut off water to White River.