Lake Geneva.
Plan Commission member Alan Kupsik’s troubles with the work he was to do for the fire department continue.According Lake Geneva’s business administrator Dennis Jordan, Mr. Kupsik sent another invoice to be paid for work he is doing on the fire station’s HAVC system. According to Mr. Jordan the Police & Fire Commission (P&FC) have not approved the work. Mr. Jordan feels we should pay him anyway even though “some things still have to be done.”

Scott Strong of the P&FC disagreed with Mr. Jordan. He informed the council that this invoice from Alan Kupsik’s Correct Consulting for $10,000.00 ( $26,000 has been paid to date) has come before them, and was sent back to Mr. Jordan with a memo telling him “not to pay this invoice until all work is approved by the Fire Chief…  it is not to be paid until such time as the Fire Department has all the heating issues and all the repairs done and everything working properly- and it’s not even close.”

Lake Geneva’s Finance Committee unanimously sent the invoice back to P&FC not to be paid.  Total invoice from Correct Consulting 717 South Lake Shore Drive, Lake Geneva is $41,000.00.

Alan Kupsik is head of the Park Board and so is on Lake Geneva’s Plan Commission. He voted to approve the controversial Hummul/Murbeau project and annex it into the city of Lake Geneva. Since being on the Park Board he has also voted to allow developers to give money to the city instead of donating land for parks. This is done so the city does not have to mow more grass.


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