The city of Lake Geneva an island of Democrats surrounded by a sea of Republicans.

Results of the November 2012 election show Lake Geneva preferred Obama over Romney 50.3% to48.8% and Tammy Baldwin over Tommy Thompson 49.3% to 47.6%. Even Lake Geneva resident and Republican Tyler August carried Lake Geneva by  only 1.8%.

Election Results       Walworth County vs. City of Lake Geneva

Romney/Ryan(R)                       55.4%                                                  48.8%

Thompson (R)                             56.6%                                                 47.6%

Obama/Biden (D)                       43.1%                                                  50.3%

Baldwin (D)                                  41.6%                                                  49.3%

Lake Geneva residents overwhelmingly supported combining the Deputy City Clerk Position and the Treasurer with the Mayor appointing  the position rather than voters electing it. 62.9% vs. 37.1%.

Walworth County preliminary election results.        Lake Geneva preliminary election results.


Lake Geneva was not the only small Wisconsin town preferring Obama/Biden instead of Romney Ryan. In  Janesville, Paul Ryan’s home town,  only 37% of Ryan’s hometown neighbors voted for him and his running mate. Meanwhile, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden got 62% of the Janesville vote.

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