The State of Wisconsin is well-known for its sky-high property taxes but the City of Lake Geneva has property taxes that are well above other municipalities on Lake Geneva. The City of LG is plagued with two afflictions that result in higher taxes, a large number of “rent seekers” and tourism.

Property owners in Lyons and Linn Townships have by far, lower taxes than owners in Lake Geneva. When comparing the municipal portions of tax bills to LG Lynn is 77% cheaper and Lyons is a staggering 87% less expensive. Though both are in the same school distinct as Lake Geneva their overall tax rates are about 30% less than Lake Geneva owners. No wonder why Lynn residents are reluctance to be incorporated into  the City of Lake Geneva.

At the other end of the lake Fontana and Williams Bay have their own school districts and have overall tax rates 39% and 36% lower than the City of Lake Geneva. The municipal potions of their tax bills are 55% and 46% lower than Lake Geneva’s.

Tax Rates Percent lower than Lake Geneva
City of Lake Geneva Overall    2.168     Municipal   .0550
Fontana Overall    1.322 39%
Municipa    .024 55%
Williams Bay Overall    1.37 37%
Municipal   .029 46%
Lynn Overall    1.475 31%
Municipal   .012 77%
Lyons Overall    1.500 30%
Municipal   .0075 87%